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7 signs that someone might be sexually addicted:

How can you tell if someone you know is having trouble with sex addiction? While sex addicts will work to conceal their behavior, they usually exhibit some observable symptoms. People who live, work, or are friends with a sex addict might notice some of these.

  1. Preoccupation with sexual behaviors
  2. Acting distant or withdrawn
  3. Depression and mood swings
  4. Resistance to supervision or criticism
  5. Inappropriate sexual behavior and/or sexual advances
  6. Occupational, social, professional, and legal difficulties
  7. Intuition

The last symptom is observable not in the sex addicts, but in those who are in relationship with the sex addict. Be an observer of your own intuition. This means taking your own feelings and perceptions seriously. Call Fresh Word for assistance or referrals if you even think you are dealing with a sex addict.

As sex addiction progresses, increasing amounts of time are spent thinking about or obtaining sex. This means less time for work, social life, family, professional responsibilities, or other obligations. Ignoring these activities is evidence that energy is being used somewhere else.

A concerned person has the right and should demand to know what is going on. Family members have a right to know because they are being hurt by the addiction. Employers also have responsibilities and other legitimate concerns. If work is ignored, jobs and income will be lost. Friendships or other social relationships will be lost. Unethical conduct can result in the loss of professional licenses or the ability to practice a profession.

If illegal behavior is involved, a sex addict may be arrested and could go to jail. Many sex addicts try to explain away arrests - such as soliciting prostitution - as isolated events that won't happen again. These arrests are rarely, if ever, isolated. More than likely they are part of a long-standing pattern and are often indicators of excalating problems.

If you suspect a problem, look for signs that the suspected addict is ignoring obligations, duties, jobs, and relationships. Even if you discern sexual addiction, you might not be able to help a sex addict. Sadly, it appears that some of them need to experience severe consequences before they are willing to get help and even then they may not acknowledge that there is a problem. Be proactive.

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