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What causes Same Sex Attraction?

We believe a homosexual orientation results from a multitude of factors working together. It is imperative to understand that most of these factors are innocuous or harmless, except in the case where deliberate harm is done, such as with incest.

An example may help... Of the many parents interviewed and the numerous books written on the subject, we know of no parent who has willfully, knowingly attempted to make a son or daughter gay.  For instance, a parent who repeatedly helps a child out of financial trouble may contribute to that child's future lack of financial responsibility. It is not the parent's intent to make the child financially irresponsible, but it can contribute to that result.

Regardless of the cause or causes, coming to Christ can be a painful first step which may lead to more painful steps in breaking the grip of homosexuality. Blame is not the intent of Fresh Word Ministries, our intent is to provide hope, help, freedom and love for those seeking them.

Three Facts:

1. You didn't cause it.
2. Not your problem, but you may be affected by it.
3. You can't fix it!

That is where it takes a supernatural act by the Lord and He uses this ministry in the recovery process!

Many local churches are often uncomfortable and uncertain how to best help these individuals and it may seem they are not compassionate in their outreach to homosexuals due to this discomfort or uncertainty. Fresh Word Ministries serves as an ancillary ministry to the church helping it to reach out to people who struggle with homosexuality. We have experienced the same struggles and the need for understanding. We are equipped to help in this journey home.

In addition to ministering to individuals, Fresh Word also strives to teach the church to minister to those struggling with homosexuality. Fresh Word hopes that one day it will no longer be needed and the church will function well in ministry to homosexuals. We are committed to the restoration of lives built on the solid foundation of the Bible and lived out in the church.

“Getting serious” about homosexuality is not something that comes easy to most congregations.  Many feel ill-equipped and prefer to disburse such critical ministry to professionals who might better be able to deal with the complex problems of the heart associated with homosexuality. “The church doesn’t need some special sort of learning or training in order to deal with the sin of homosexuality.  Like any sin, we all need and must have the help of Christ to save us from our sins.”  Sin is real – a present reality – which “we all deal with for as long as we are alive.”


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