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Fresh Word Ministries' Approach to Mentoring

Our purpose in mentoring is to help individuals address relationships in three areas:

1. God
2. Family/Loved Ones
3. Community

The mentoring process is designed to augment your process of changing your behavior, beliefs and emotions, all from a Godly perspective. These benefits often involve remembering and talking about matters that result in strong or uncomfortable feeling. Many people conclude that they need to make some difficult changes as a result of their involvement in mentoring. It often gets worse before it gets better.

Mentoring Requires Commitment
The process of mentoring requires a commitment of time and energy from you.

It is not possible to promise or guarantee any specific outcome. It is important that you and your mentor feel that a positive working relationship can be established.The Fresh Word Confidentiality and Requirement to Report form specifies the mentor will maintain confidentiality. However, the mentor will not keep secrets from or for your family members involved in the mentoring process. The mentor reserves the right to appropriately bring into any mentoring session any information deemed therapeutically appropriate.

General Information

Appointments are scheduled on an individual basis. Each mentor maintains his or her own personal appointment schedule, which can be made through the receptionist or your mentor. If you are unable to keep an appointment, please notify our office at least 24 hours in advance.

The Fresh Word Ministries mentoring and care ministry is an expression of God's love and mercy. Therefore, we do not take any financial compensation personally for services. We are a faith-based ministry funded solely through benevolence. If you believe in this ministry and feel that God would have you support us financially through a one time gift or ongoing support, we will gladly receive your help. Any costs incurred as a result of a referral to other mentoring sources or for any suggested discipline aids ( books, tapes, etc.), are the sole responsibility of the client/disciple.

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Fresh Word Ministries is a 501-C3 non-profit organization.
Your donation in any amount is appreciated and tax deductible.

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