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Fresh Word Ministries  for Friends and Family

Fresh Word Ministries  for Friends & Family

Edmund Burke, an 18th Century statesmen, said, "All that is necessary for the furtherance of evil is that good men do nothing."

Friends and family of an indivdual struggling with pornography, same sex attraction, sexual addiction and/or suicidal thoughts often say and do nothing. They do so out of love or the fear that confrontation will drive their loved ones away or further into their destructive behavior or for reasons they are incapable of explaining.

At Fresh Word Ministries we help families and friends to overcome their hesitation to speak out and do what is necessary to help those they love who are struggling. We also help friends and family to deal with their own feelings of abandoment or anger and turn them into stepping stones toward healing.

Call us, we are here to help.

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Fresh Word Ministries is a 501-C3 non-profit organization.
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