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Freedom Tastes so Sweet

It was a cold but clear night on February 2nd 2004 as I stood outside beneath the stars in the chilling winter air. I could never describe how trapped I felt that night dealing with same sex attractions. So, as an act of surrender I threw my hands up in the air and looked up at the sky as I cried out to God, "If you can fix my life then fix it." That's where the journey began. It was a pinnacle moment in my life of where I realized in a way I never had before, that without God's love I would never feel complete.

Three days later, on my 20th birthday, I was baptized. I'll never forget that day as long as I live. It was shortly after that my pastor at church recommended I'd go see Bob Jones at Fresh Word Ministries. At the time, I was extremely skeptical wondering how in the world any program could deliver me from feelings and attractions I experienced as long as I could remember. However, despite my hesitations I went to meet Bob Jones.

He told me that he was not a licensed counselor but that he was willing to walk with me to THE COUNSELOR and He would set me free.

It was a difficult road to walk down but not impossible because Christ was with me. Day by day and step by step Christ truly led me to a place in intimacy with God that I had never experienced before.

I realized that the bondage to gay lifestyle existed because intimacy with God did not. Through intimacy with Christ I have been set free.

Today I live in the Middle East sharing God's love and truth with Muslims. I'm the only Christian and only westerner in the village where I live. I am standing in the gap as an advocate for the lost Muslims in this world because I know what the power of God's love can do. No matter if it is Islam, homosexuality, or any other form of bondage, Christ died to break every chain that holds prisoners bound. He died to shine forth his love and light to set the captives free and show the deceived the way.

I know our Savior is a victorious Savior and that I am victorious as well because I belong to Him. The story he has given me to share is no longer a story of captivity but a story of remarkable freedom. What used to trip me up I now trample upon following Christ wherever he would have me go. I never thought 7 years ago that I would be living in the MiddleEast sharing God's Truth with lost Muslim sheep, but there is truly no greater privilege in the world.

If you or someone you know is dealing with same sex attractions I hope that my story inspires you to believe. You may never receive all of the answers you search for dealing with same sex attractions, but you can be certain freedom is possible through God's amazing love. I never knew it would taste this sweet.

Contact David for more information via email or through writing 301 Oriole Drive Evansville, IN 47715

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