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Bob and Betty Jones

About Bob Jones - Founder of Fresh Word Ministries

Bob Jones' first memory of his father was at the age of seven when he saw him walking down the street with a sea bag over his shoulder. He was returning from service in WWII.

His first memory of molestation was by a neighbor at the age of 8. That same year he lost his older sister to leukemia. His young soul was overburdened and he had no one in whom to confide.

At age 11 while hitch hiking to a golf course to apply for a job as a caddy, he was picked up by a group of men who repeatedly molested him and falsely led him to believe that they were showing him love.

Through the years, as he watched his father struggle with alcoholism and the family work to improve its financial situation, these experiences fed a same sex attraction which had been his only experience with any kind of intimacy or closeness with a member of his own sex. It set a pattern for 40 years of his  life.

At the age of 17 he inappropriately touched a boy in his neighborhood. His parents contacted Bob's, which resulted in a confrontation between Bob and his father. For the first time, he heard the word homosexual and was able to detail what had happened to him since childhood. He and his father began to communicate, but a close relationship never developed in the short time they had left together. His father had surgery 2 weeks after Bob graduated from high school. He never recovered and died two weeks later.

As he struggled with his attraction to members of his own sex, Bob tried to solve his own problems by denying his attractions and marrying his 8th grade companion, sweetheart and longtime friend Betty. She had no knowledge of his struggles at that time. Later she confronted him and struggled with him through his lies and relapses while they built a financially successful life and were blessed by a son, a daughter and grandchildren.

When Bob's struggles were first publicly exposed, the church tried to help, but they were not equipped or trained in such matters. The third time his sin was exposed, he was cast out of his church. He tried to find another place of worship to accept him and help him. Through many false starts including attempts to leave his family, Bob tried vainly to change his behavior. 

In 2001, through Betty's support, faith in our savior and Pure Life Ministries' Recovery at Home Program, Bob rededicated his life to God and found victory in Jesus. Fresh Word Ministries is Bob's calling to bear witness to his own struggles and assist those in need to find their way back to the unconditional love of Jesus. Bob now believes and helps other to realize that which is written in Philipians 4:13

                                    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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